What Outdoor Media Advertising offers you:

  1. Commercial, digital printed full colour banners.
  2. Complete installation and removal of your advertising graphics.
  3. Placement of your ads on our large trucks or trailers to be displayed at your   specific locations.
  4. Availability for special Events Marketing – Fairs, concerts, sporting events,    store promotions, elections and lots more.
  5. Long or short term with flexible schedules.
  6. Wide coverage of CBD, suburbs or Metropolitan areas.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the maximum exposure for their investment. We are driven to create results for your campaign through our passionate and committed team of experts.

Our dedicated team will work with your corporate branding to create highly effective visuals for your campaign, promoting your business through effective and appropriate graphic images and getting the most expousure.

We offer high quality large vinyl banners, digitally printed with the latest technology at a lowest prices – we bring you a cost effective way to stand out from your competitors.

We will provide you with photographs of various locations, traffic, and reports of the campaign.

We can also distribute product sampling, promotional displays or pamphlets to support your campaign.

Outdoor Media Advertising provides broad coverage and targets large crowds. It is the most visible media exposed to everyone who prefers outdoors from the home, work, school, or leisure.

The continuous presence of Outdoor Advertising Media is unmatched by any other medium, with our trained drivers offering a professional and high quality service.


Some of Our Clients


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