The St George Illawarra Dragons chose to use Outdoor Media Advertising to promote all our matches at WIN Stadium in Wollongong for the whole season and also at Jubilee Oval Carlton.

We were impressed with the service they provided for us and their cost effectiveness for this advertising medium.

The impact of the three sided advertising vehicle was very effective due to the big creative colourful banners, therefore making the campaign a continuous success. It certainly a lot of attention and was the talk of the town with all the Dragons fans. The feedback seemed to be bigger than what we had ever expected.

Outdoor Media Advertising’s work was conducted with great integrity. They were friendly and helpful whilst still acting in a professional manner. They were exceptionally accommodating to all our request, and pro-active with recommendations in helping us to promote each game.

Vic Giovenco, the manager, was very accommodating with a no problem attitude. He has been a pleasure to deal with throughout the season. I would not hesitate in recommending Outdoor Media Advertising again for any future marketing campaigns. Thanks again for a job well done!


Campaign Manager, St George Illawarra Dragons

As the Marketing Director and co-founder of Active International, one of Australia’s largest independent music companies, I have worked with Outdoor Media Advertising on a number of successful, high profile campaigns.

Active International represents a select roster of local and international artists in Australia and New Zealand, including our most recent with gold and platinum selling and the most successful album in Australia.

Outdoor Media Advertising has executed excellent outdoor campaigns for a number of our biggest artists in Sydney and Melbourne

Outdoor Media Advertising have been a pleasure to work with on this project, playing a large part in the success of our project and the rest of the team have provided us with valuable, informed advice and competitive rates, allowing us to reach a massive audience. We appreciate their professionalism and the penetration they offers and look forward to working with the Company again in the near future.

James Griffith

Marketing Director, Active International

Dealing with Outdoor Media Advertising is always a pleasure. They are an extremely professional company and whilst ensuring their clients best interests are met, they also manage to make the experience friendly, efficient and always deliver on time.

Over the years we have tried may forms of advertising and have found that having Outdoor Media Advertising , have proven to be the most successful for our business.

We always receive such a positive response to each new installation, which results in an increase in business activity and public awareness.

Deborah Charles

Marketing Manager

Thank-you for all your hard work and kilometres travelled promoting the 2nds World tactical campaigns. We had great response from customers and suppliers alike, mentioning they had seen our billboards driving all over Sydney. They added a real buzz to our campaign strategy and helped to create atmosphere as your trailers were driving around our three store locations.

We will be using Outdoor Media Advertising again when we open a fourth store later in the year. Once again, many thanks for you professionalism and advice with our campaigns. We loved them.

Yours Sincerely

Leisa Benjamin

Marketing Manager, 2nds World

It was great to see you briefly on Saturday night – the Billboard rocked and more importantly.

Thanks for your efforts over the past few weeks, you’ve been really helpful and accommodating. The Big Butch Billboard has been such a fun project and has had wonderful feedback from the general public.

I look forward to working with you again on future projects.

Malcolm Smith

Program Manager, Australian Centre for Photography

The impact from the large banners have been extraordinary all over town – it’s just what we needed. Mobile Billboards get the attention when and where we want to be. They provide an exceptional service that represents excellent value for money. We have found the staff at Outdoor Media Advertising very friendly, efficient and always ready to help with any task.

Howard Jamison

General Sales Manager, Toyota

Being a premium brand, we have traditionally utilised Print and Digital to build brand awareness and promote our automotive range to a very specific demographic.

When presented with the opportunity, we saw a way of extending our reach to the much broader prospect audience whilst in a driving mindset, at the same time increasing visibility of our vehicles on the road while using Outdoor Media Advertising.

Adrian Benetton

Brand Manager, Unique Vision Australia

Outdoor Media Advertising were the perfect medium to build brand awareness and opportunity present ourselves on a quality format. We had a fantastic response from the market, many highlighting how captivating the creative look particularly in CBD and high traffic areas with many thinking it was a digital billboard.

Also with the creative featuring the iconic Jacky Simmons , it would shame not to showcase glamour on this product!

Nicholas Martins

Managing Director, Red Telecom

Successfully launching the longest, biggest most exhilarating new product, built of its kind in the world in 2013 meant that Outdoor Media Advertising played an enormous role in getting out that message and the success.

Through our longstanding working relationship with Outdoor Media Advertising they tailored our campaign using some of their most popular sites across the Sydney CBD and Metropolitan , exposing our new message to literally millions of commuters across a three month period.

Outdoor Media Advertising expertise certainly assisted, our Company realise one of its most successful marketing campaigns within its years of history and we would strongly encourage you to ensure that you include Outdoor Media Advertising into your overall marketing mix.

Stephen Smiths

Marketing Director, ICT, Commercial Trade

We have been a client of Outdoor Media Advertising since 2008. One particular format we have found to be highly successful over the years are digital printed Mobile Billboards. We have utilised Outdoor Media Advertising in many of our campaigns to promote our brand and products across the Sydney CBD and Metropolitan Area.

We have found that Outdoor Media Advertising reach the masses – covering a wide demographic profile across Sydney, to launch a new campaign has made geographically specific, if our objectives need to be more localised.

The large size Mobile Billboards means our campaigns have the impact required to cut-through the market so we don’t need to book other formats with them. We feel they have the Large Format presence at a small format investment.

Our company will look to continue to use Outdoor Media Advertising for our future campaigns.

Jacky Howard

Campaign Manager